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We design, build and maintain individual software and hardware projects for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Financial Services

Financial Services is facing sweeping technological changes that are profoundly impacting the way you do business. FinTech (Financial Technology) is all about innovation, disruption and transformation, and will undoubtedly impact and shape the way financial institutions around the world operate. CodingMind provides technology and security delivered with unparalleled agility in your fintech development.

Digital Platform Strategy

Enterprise organizations spend years investing in new business capabilities, integrating acquisitions, and modernizing technology stacks, essential to bringing best-of-breed solutions to market. At CodingMind we can help you scrape your legacy software and scribe new ones in its place, interface new systems with exisiting processes or develop a well-rounded strategy for your enterprises digital progress.


We work with public service providers for transforming and improving citizens lives through emerging technologies. We are keen in public-private partnerships since its more than developing software, it is contributing to the community. We transcend borders to operate in very inter-cultural environment where software is communicated to citizen partners as utility.


We use technology to drive both customer and vendors in facilitating their business. Vertical technology integration with scaling for your growing business from grocery chains to specialty stores, we help retailers turn complex business challenges into market-shaping technology. Digital transformation for your business is not just about software, but also carefully integrating it with your process. At CodingMind we facilitate going digital seamlessly.


Travel business has become less about travel and more about facilitating an experience. Virtual tour guides, booking and eventing systems or absolutely transformational idea, we at CodingMind are ready to get your idea started up in a very short time. MVP to production in days.

Business Agility

We help organizations improve their ability to respond to change by removing the constraints to speed and help catch up your business with tech.

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